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  • 10-Mar-2004 -
    ChOS(HiRes) 5.26 is released.New Virtual Graffiti Chinese Keyboard (chosvg)new
  • 2-Mar-2004 -
    ChOS(HiRes) 5.25 is released. Update localization for TJ27/37, fix crash bug on Piscel Viewer. new
  • 23-Feb-2004 -
    ChOS(HiRes) 5.24a is released. Update Fonts and support TJ27/37, TH55 new
  • 16-Jan-2004 -
    ChOS(HiRes) 5.24 is released. Fix MSBackup fail to restore Unicode table. Unicode table database name is change, please delete the unicode table or Chinese OS completely before installation. new
  • 9-Jan-2004 -
    ChOS(HiRes) 5.21 is released. Previously download 5.2 please redownload it, the old version have a serious bug which mess up the categories if localization is enabled. new
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