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A shareware that enables you to input and display Chinese characters New Shareware!
16 grayscale Image Viewer
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Want to hide secrets after your palm is turned off and then on? Try this freeware!

 What's New? 
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.26 is released.New Virtual Graffiti Chinese Keyboard (chosvg)(10-Mar-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.25 is released. Update localization for TJ27/37, fix crash bug on Piscel Viewer. (2-Mar-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.24a is released. Update Fonts and support TJ27/37, TH55 (23-Feb-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.24 is released. Fix MSBackup fail to restore Unicode table. Unicode table database name is change, please delete the unicode table or Chinese OS completely before installation. (16-Jan-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.21 is released. Previously download 5.2 please redownload it, the old version have a serious bug which mess up the categories if localization is enabled. (9-Jan-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) 5.2 is released.
    • Support multiple language on the same machine
    • Supprt Tungsten T3, TungstenE
    • Supprt Treo 600, Zire21 (no localization)
    • New IME, Array, QuanPin, WuBi
    • New Sorting method, pinyin and stroke
    • new inline Chinese input, allow user to input Chinese using keyboard with Chinese keyboard dialog
    • bug fixed
     (8-Jan-2004) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) for PalmOS5 v5.15 is released. This version:
    • Support TJ-25/35
    • Fix crash on Piscel Viewer and various bug fixed
     (15-Oct-2003) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) for PalmOS5 v5.14 is released. This version:
    • Support UX-50
    • Updated unicode conversion table (support HongKong fonts in Expansion card)
     (15-Sep-2003) new
  • ChOS(HiRes) for PalmOS5 v5.13a is released. This version:
    • Support TungstenT2, TungstenC, Zire 71, NX-73, NX-80
    • New Rendering Engine
    • Access fonts in expansion card
    • Fixed crash on Sony CLIE models in version 5.1
    • Fixed reading memory stick problem on GB version
  • ChOS(HiRes) for PalmOS5 v5.02 is released. Add support for TungstenT and NZ-90. Fix several bugs and update localization files. (29-Jan-2003)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.28b is released. This version add CLIE SL10, SJ20, SJ30 support. (14-Aug-2002)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.28a is released. This version add T650/T665C support.  (22-Jul-2002)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.28 is released. This version add NR70/NR70V support with minor bug fix. (9-May-2002)
  • Update ChOS 4.03, add localization files for Palm m515, m130 and Sony CLIE S360. (15-Mar-2002)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.27 is released. This version add T400/T415/T600C/T615C support. It also support all japanese Palm on Palm OS 4.x. (13-Dec-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.26 is released. This version add OS 4.0 and N760C support. It also fix some bugs. (11-Oct-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.24 for HandEra 330 is released. (21-Aug-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.24 is released. This version add OS 4.0 and N610C support. This version also supports GB (simplifed Chinese). (13-Aug-2001)
  • Update ChOS 4.02, add localization files for Sony CLIE S320. Version number is unchanged. (2-Aug-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.23 is released. This version fix display problem on CrsMeDoc. Also the memory usage of 16 pts and 24 pts is reduced, which is due to a bug in previous version. User should reinstall both program and font databases. (5-Jul-2001)
  • ChOS 4.02 and ChOS(HiRes) 3.22 is released. ChOS 4.02 fix the sorting order for Palm OS 4.0. ChOS(HiRes) 3.22 fix some minor bugs and update localization resources. (18-Jun-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) users who installed Sony N710C patch 2.1, please download the updated localization file for JogAssist here.  (16-Jun-2001)
  • ChOS 4.01 and ChOS(HiRes) 3.21 is released. It fix bugs which make Mcfile and MSGate didn't work somtimes. (14-Jun-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.2 is released! This version have:
    1. Display speed huge improvment.
    2. Updated localization files, and new localization files for MSGate 2.0 and AudioPlayer 2.0.
    3. New features - Show Spade, which can show the four suits of poker in most poker games again in Japanese version of N700C.
    4. Support reading 24 Pts fonts from Memory Stick.
    5. Improve compatibility with other programs.
  • ChOS 4.0 is released! This version support Palm OS 4.0; Palm m500 and m505. Faster input method and updated localization resources. (10-May-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) 3.09 is released! This version fixed various crash bugs and word warp problem.  (6-May-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) users who installed MSGate 2.0, please download the localization file for MSGate 2.0 here(25-Apr-2001)
  • If you have download ChOS(HiRes) on 22th April and found your Audio Player cannot show the Artist/Title correctly, please download this to fix the problem. (22-Apr-2001)
  • ChOS(HiRes) is released! This version is a special version if Chinese OS which support high resolution fonts for Sony PEG-N700C. Chinese OS for Palm's user must register this product separately(22-Apr-2001)
  • ChOS 3.05 is released! This version fixed a bug during selecting text.  (23-Mar-2001)
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