Palm PluggedIn Event is just finished in Hong Kong, during the event, Palm announced their next generation Palm devices' expansion strategy. Some special applications of SD and SDIO devices are demostrated.

They also confirmed the connectivities of the next generation devices. USB cable is used to replace the old and slow RS-232 serial cable for hotsync cradle. New model will have SD Expansion slot which support both SD devices and MMC. For users with older models (Palm V), they can add a SD expansion device at the back of Palm just like a Palm modem.

Palm with Palm OS 4.0, see the Card Info and Note Pad application on the screen. The device at the left of picture is the SD card slot, which is connected to the Palm at the right.
Play movie on a SD Ram, the performance is similar to gMedia in Sony CLIe.


a transparent case demostrated during the event. It is claimed that it will be the size of the coming Palm models (m500 and m505?). The thickness of the case is comparable to Palm V.

In the room, you can also found some SD devices (concept devices) from Palm and Panasonic.

Panasonic's SD Ram and PCMCIA Adaptor.
Palm's Concept Device. The right side is a transparent case of the next generation Palm, the SD card slot will be at the top left of the Palm.

This event will be continued in Taiwan and Singapore.

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